Proposal to start the procedure for exclusion of EGP Political Party "The Greens" (Bulgaria), which under the Statute of EGP in force until 12.11.2011 is a member - Observer (EGP Observer) of EGP


Dear Colleagues,


Herewith, we import our proposal on the expelling of PP "Zelenite" (Bulgaria) from EGP in accordance with Article 6.5.3 of the Rule Book of the European Green Party for disciplinary action "expelling" (withdrawal) in conjunction with section 6.5.1 of Rule Book of the European Green Party, which calls for a sanction on members compromising the integrity of the EGP and act in such a way as to bring the European Green Party into disrepute.

The reasons for this proposal are:

- Since its establishment in July 2007, a major part of the political activity of PP "Zelenite" represents a systematic smear campaign conducted against the Green Party, which is a founding member of the EGP and of the predecessor entities since 1992. In this campaign no means and ways are selected as their aim is to destroy the credibility of the Green Party, thus inevitably striking the authority of EGP.

- During all their election campaigns ever since establishment, PP "Zelenite" have not defined the Green Party as an ally but as an enemy, and their campaigning against the Green party has often been more active than against any other party of the political spectrum.

- PP "Zelenite" has not just failed to fulfil the decisions of the EGP Council in Malmö (October 16th-18th 2009) to work together with the Green Party. PP "Zelenite" have purposefully and systematically been working against the political unification of the Green space in Bulgaria, hoping, through smear campaign against the Green Party, to impose as the only Green political structure in the country. This policy repels voters who do not see anything different from the well-known "Balkanic" (uncivilized) tradition in the behavior of PP "Zelenite". This undermines the possibility of developing Green ideas in Bulgaria and ultimately works against the interests of the EGP.

- PP "Zelenite" deliberately mislead the EGP, as well as some representatives of the Greens in the European Parliament about the real dimensions and scales of their activities. They constantly exaggerate the results of these activities and improperly “privatize” both the effects from political events and the victories of the civil society in Bulgaria. For most of these results, as a political party, PP "Zelenite" have little or no contribution whatsoever.

- PP "Zelenite" have extremely inadequate political conduct, based on the extremely rightist views of a part of their leadership, who however play a dominant role in their party. This is one of the main reasons for their attacks against the Green Party and the parties of the center-left spectrum in general. This is the basis of their phraseology, which is dominated by themes related to the "Cops", i.e. representatives of Secret Services from the Communist era, "Communist conspiracy", etc. This explains why they come into close relationships with right-wing parties and refuse contacts with the Green Party.


Evidence on which we base our request to exclude PP "Zelenite" from EGP:


1. On the years long smear campaign of PP "Zelenite" against Green Party you will find information in Appendix 1. Here we shall concentrate only on the final and the most shocking defamation of the Green Party by the leadership of PP "Zelenite". During the official meeting of the leadership of the PP "Zelenite" with the fact-finding mission in Bulgaria 2nd-4th July 2012, in front of the EGP delegation which included Jacqueline Cremers, Andrei Kozlov and Erzsébet Schmuck, the leadership of PP “Zelenite” have officially accused the Green Party of having "committed fraud in the elections." The latter is criminal offense under the law of the Republic of Bulgaria. Of course, no evidence for this accusation has been given.

Herewith we strongly emphasize the fact that during the 22 years of our existence, neither state institution, nor political party, organization and public media have ever raised such an accusation against the Green Party. And it is not just because there has never been a justification for this accusation: throughout the years, the Green Party has built a reputation of one of the few if not the only party in Bulgaria, which has a real contribution to the fight against corruption! (See Appendix 2.)

For the first time, such a slander directed against the Green Party, a co-founding member of the EGP, is being raised by PP "Zelenite", who is an observer member of the EGP!

We note that we have repeatedly informed EGP on the unethical and in many cases arrogant behavior of PP "Zelenite"; on the systematically kindled campaign against the Green Party. (See Appendix 3.) Unfortunately, EGP did not react in any way to those facts. This encouraged the PP "Zelenite" who apparently decided that EGP is in favor of their indecent conduct! As a result, we have an unprecedented defamation of the Green Party, which puts us in a situation where we have only one way out: to insist, in compliance with Statute, on the exclusion of PP "Zelenite" from EGP.

If EGP once again choose not to manifest their attitude for the deeply immoral behavior of its member - political observer PP "Zelenite", then there is nothing left for us but to launch a legal case for libeling against PP "Zelenite". Since we do not expect their leadership to have the courage and dignity of providing us with written paper on their accusations, then we shall have to invite as witnesses the Committee members: Jacqueline Cremers, Andrei Kozlov and Erzsébet Schmuck. We believe that these three will readily help restore justice!


2. Along with slander accusations of criminal acts, PP "Zelenite" have systematically spread lies about the political positions and views of the Green Party. (See Appendix 1.) This is done both on private occasions and at official forums. For example, PP "Zelenite" for years have been spreading the obvious untruth that the Green Party is in support of nuclear energy, in particular of the construction of NPP "Belene". This false assumption has been raised once again before the Secretary General of the EGP during her visit to Sofia July this year. The latest activities in support of this lie is the manipulative statement by Borislav Sandov, Co-Chairman of PP "Zelenite", at a conference held September 21st 2012 in Sofia, in the presence of MEP Nikos Chrysogelos of the Greens in the European Parliament. What an absolute falsehood and gross manipulation! The Green Party has a principled position against nuclear power since its establishment, as for the construction of NPP "Belene" we have formulated our economic and environmental reasons “against” more than 15 years ago. The Green Party is the only party in the 38th National Assembly (1999), who voted against the construction of NPP "Belene" and justified its position in parliament (See;view=category&id=81&Itemid=256&lang=bg). Our position has always been "stop the construction of NPP "Belene" and close other nuclear facilities after the project period of their operation”. Mr. Sandov’s audacity gets to the point when he, along with falsifying our position, starts arguing that the position of PP "Zelenite" is different; however, he misses that PP "Zelenite" are literally backing exactly the same position, as set out in the Declaration of BAYAK (Anti-Nuclear Balkan Coalition) of March 26th 2011, which they have also signed. (See ).


3. In all elections, where PP "Zelenite" have appeared, a major part of their campaign contains systematic defamation and attacks on the Green Party. (See Appendix 3 - Information about elections in 2009). At the latest elections (2011) they have dedicated a special page on their central site to the Green Party, where insinuation are made that the latter is associated with the former Communist Security Services; false information is provided about our political positions. (See;view=article&id=189&Itemid=235&lang=bg ). Separately, a special appeal was prepared and distributed, which in verse explains that "the only true Green party is the one whose name contains only one word (PP "Zelenite"), and the one containing two words (Green Party), is fake". (See Annex 5.)

But these actions are nothing compared to the actions of their leadership who are openly flooding the Internet space with arrogant statements and qualifications, such as "rubbish", "crap", "mongrels" (Petko Kovachev, Co-Chairman, PP "Zelenite"); and also "liars", "fakes", "agents of the Russian and the Bulgarian Secret Services"(Borislav Sandov, Co-Chairman, PP "Zelenite"). (See;view=category&layout=blog&id=78&Itemid=137&lang=bg ).

Most naturally, this behavior does not bring PP "Zelenite" the desired electoral success! Their results are considerably weaker than those of the Green Party and are even weaker than those of the Party of the Greens (“Partya na Zelenite” of V. Simov). (See Appendix 3, Information on the Green Political Sector.)

All this however had its negative influence on the campaign of Green Party, which had been apparently intended by PP "Zelenite". Worse, this behavior also repels potential voters of both parties and in no way contributes to the prestige of EGP in Bulgaria.


4. In the recommendation of the Council in Malmö (October 16th-18th 2009) on the adoption of the PP "Zelenite" as observer member, in Paragraph 14 we read: "However, the Committee sets as a condition for acceptance of “Zelenite” in their capacity as observers in EGP: the clear commitment on their part to work in Bulgaria for the formation of a single Green Party, which includes the possibility of merger and integration with the Green Party, our member - provided that it is necessary for the achievement of the above objective". As demonstrated above, PP "Zelenite" not only fail to meet the Committee’s conditions, but actively work against the consolidation of Green politics in Bulgaria. Even the call of the Committee on fact-finding mission in the face of Jacqueline Cremers July 2nd-4th 2012 failed to persuade them accept a joint meeting with the Green Party and work towards mutual understanding and cooperation!

For some time now the Green Party has been actively working with the two other green political organizations, Ecoglasnost and Party of the Greens (Partya na Zelenite), as well as with a wide range of civil society organizations. Together we have held press-conferences, protests and other joint activities. To all calls for joint events and dialogue, from PP "Zelenite" we only get silence or arrogant and rude rejections.


5. Extremely unacceptable technique of PP "Zelenite" are the systematic attempts to appropriate credit for things they have not done. They have predilection for manifold exaggeration of the activities scale, especially of the ultimate results of these activities. This style causes irritation in representatives of NGOs and of civil society organizations; they feel repelled and discouraged to undertake political activity. On the other hand, PP "Zelenite" have systematically misled EGP and certain individuals from the Greens in the European "Parliament. A bright example here is one of the many attempts of PP "Zelenite" in the face of Borislav Sandov to falsify information in the first issue of the Balkan Network newsletter (See Appendix 4). There, as "double victory" of PP "Zelenite" they declare the achieved banning on exploration and production of shale gas and the refusal of the Bulgarian Government to proceed with the construction of NPP "Belene". If this were true, then the PP "Zelenite" election results would not have been so miserable; they would have been at least ten times bigger. The truth is that the first rally against shale gas in Central Sofia was organized by the Green Party together with a group of citizens on September 1st 2011. Also, members of the Green Party created a Facebook group against shale gas, which garnered a record for Bulgaria - over 70,000 members! Nevertheless, we have never tried to claim credit for the imposed ban on shale gas, since, at its peak, the situation developed into a broad civic movement. It would be unfair and tactically wrong to make such crude attempts and use these events to "pump" authority for a separate party. Broad masses in Bulgaria are quite sensitive for such manipulations.

Incorrect and even absurd is the attempt of PP "Zelenite" to present the "victorious outcome" of the "Belene" combat as their personal achievement. Anyone familiar with the reality in Bulgaria knows that quitting the construction of NPP "Belene" by the present Government has nothing to do with any civic activity against it. The only reason is the prevailing lobby of the American concerns over the Russian “ASE” lobby. Therefore, the decision to stop building "Belene" was immediately replaced with new projects for the units of NPP "Kozloduy", proposed by U.S. investors. Does this mean that PP "Zelenite" can boast of replacing the Russian nuclear lobby with the American one?

As mentioned above, bragging has been a tradition since the PP "Zelenite" formation, and therefore their site since then speaks of "merits" and events that had occurred long before they came into being as a party! Here are some examples: the struggle to protect Irakli (famous seaside area), the protection of Bulgaria from GMO and others. (See;view=article&id=189%3Athe-green-fog&catid=24&Itemid=235&lang=bg ).

 All this information on the "great" activity of PP "Zelenite" has misled the European Greens; and not only this: it can put in a ridiculous situation their representatives during eventual visits in our country!

We want to make it clear that in all these years of harassment, defamation and arrogant behavior of the PP "Zelenite" towards us, the Green Party has never allowed any attacks or defamation against PP "Zelenite". Moreover, we have repeatedly stated that we are ready for dialogue and cooperation. Even in this moment, the Green Party is inclined to sit down at the negotiation table with the PP "Zelenite" in the interest of the common Green ideas, given that PP "Zelenite" finally manifest political wisdom and cultural and honest behavior! But unfortunately, recent experience has convinced us that with the present leadership of PP "Green" this would be practically impossible!

To conclude, the Green Party came to believe that the conduct of the PP "Zelenite", since its establishment and until now, its political attitudes and lack of elementary schooling of its leadership, has caused more harm to the development of the Green movement in Bulgaria, rather than benefit. Continuing the association of PP "Zelenite" with EGP undermines the authority of the latter in Bulgaria. Therefore we insist that the EGP Committee launches a procedure for expelling (withdrawal) of Political Party "Zelenite" (Bulgaria) from EGP.

In conclusion we can say the following: when in October 2007, PP "Zelenite" applied to become an observer member of the EGP, the EGP Committee preferred "political expedience" to certain moral principles. Deceived by the lavish promises of PP "Zelenite" and overwhelmed with expectations for fantastic electoral results, the Committee chose to turn a blind eye on the lack of basic decency of the PP "Zelenite" leadership. Now we understand that the PP "Zelenite" have failed to achieve such results; on the contrary, they are even more miserable compared to the previous elections. However, there is escalation of pathological hatred combined with absolute disregard for all norms of civilized conduct. This considerably weakens the possibility for development of a strong Green movement in Bulgaria in the future and for the participation of Green MPs in the National Assembly. At the same time, this opens the way for the filling up of this political space by other parties. The question is will the Committee continue to turn a blind eye on this situation?


Best regards,

National Executive Council of the Green Party



October 12th 2012




Appendix 1


Activities of PP "Zelenite" towards libeling and defamation of the Green Party


PP "Zelenite" activity and consistent practice, ever since its establishment (July, 2007), has been targeted at the defaming the Green Party. The main part of its leadership had been pursuing this target at least a year before the establishment of the party. Not a single valid evidence or proof has been submitted to any of these slurs! Here we want to stress once again that the Green Party or its representative have never is allowed themselves to make similar accusations against the PP "Zelenite". Some of these slanders are gathered at:;view=category&layout=blog&id=78&Itemid=137&lang=bg .


Essentially, they cover the following areas:


I. Slanderous accusations against the Green Party of CRIMINAL OFFENCES:


  1. 1.Green Party cheats and buys votes in the elections; of this offence the Green Party was libeled at a meeting of the PP "Zelenite" with the delegation of the fact-finding mission, which included Jacqueline Cremers, Andrei Kozlov and Erzsébet Schmuck, during their visit in Bulgaria, July 2nd-4th 2012.


- The truth is that the Green Party has never engaged in such activities; therefore no state institution, organization or public media has ever raised a similar charge against the Green Party.


II. Spreading lies about the political positions of the Green Party, both among the PP “Zelenite” supporters, and via the Internet and all media available to them.

1. PP "Zelenite" slander that the Green Party is in favor of nuclear energy.

- The truth is that the Green Party has always insisted to "stop the construction of NPP           "Belene" and the closure of other nuclear facilities after the project period of their operation".

2. PP "Zelenite" slander that the Green Party has never fought against GMOs.

- The truth is that the Green Party is the founder, along with other NGO of Coalition "Bulgaria - a GMO-free zone" in March, 2004.


III. Spreading slander against the leadership of the Green Party, both generally and individually.

1. PP "Zelenite" slander that the Secretary of the Green Party, Alexander Karakachanov, is an agent of State Security.

- The truth is that Alexander Karakachanov, as a former democratic Mayor of Sofia, and two-term MP in the National Assembly has at least four times been subjected to special investigation and check and none of these has indicated any commitment of the leader to the Security Services.


IV. At present moment, boggling of the Green Party coalition policy.

1. GOP "Green" vilify against the Green Party for entering unprincipled coalitions with parties from the "old regime", referring to the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). The Green Party has been charged with this blame numerous times, including the last meeting with the EGP Secretary General Jacqueline Cremers.

- The truth is that the Green Party has always been in coalition with the centrist-leftist parties, which is obviously contrary to the political preferences of PP "Zelenite" who manifest rightist orientation. As for the BSP, let me remind you that the President of this party is also president of the Party of European Socialists (PES). Besides, the Green Party has always pre-notified EGP about election partners and has not received any objections so far!



Appendix 2


Contribution of the Green Party in fighting corruption in Bulgaria


Dozens are the anti-corruption initiatives of the Green Party; part of them are entirely our own initiatives. Others happen in collaboration with the National Anti-Corruption Coalition. This coalition was established on August 3rd 2012 in the city of Plovdiv by 32 organizations in the presence of the representative of OLAF, Mr. Gerald Barnett, MPs and journalists.

Here we will enumerate only a few initiatives which have fully and only been started by the Green Party. Most of them have gained nation-wide response and are still topical.

  1. 1.In 1999, the Green Party alone succeeded to pass in the 38th National Assembly an Act abolishing banking secrecy, known as the "Act of Credit Millionaires". Based on this Act, the National Bank published a list of more than 1500 persons who had robbed the country of nearly two billion dollars. This was actually the reason that caused the banking crisis in 1996-97and the subsequent hyperinflation in Bulgaria.

      This Act was the basis for the filing of several lawsuits against the so-called credit           millionaires. Periodically, including year 2012, persons from this list go to the agenda in the public domain due to their relationship with the germs of organized crime, and to persons in the ruling circles.


  1. 2.In 2000, the Green Party submitted to the National Assembly a Bill for Inspection of the Property. It was conceived as a continuation of the "Act on Credit Millionaires", aimed at pulling "into the light" and penalizing illegally acquired property. Although the Green Party made extensive propaganda campaign for its adoption, the bill was not even allowed to plenary session, which was a violation of the Constitution and the Rules of the National Assembly.

      Significantly, after the entry of Bulgaria into the European Union, under pressure from        EU, a similar bill was introduced, but in a highly truncated and inactive version.


  1. 3.Green Party alone led a battle against some of the greatest corruption practices of the right-wing government of Ivan Kostov (1997-2001). One of them was a brazen illegal construction in the higher parts of the Vitosha mountain - a few kilometers from the Sofia city center. To protect the insolent violation of a private firm, building a large hotel complex (with public money!), the Government of Ivan Kostov shamelessly downgraded the status of the National Vitosha Nature Park. The Green Party led a real war against this outrage: complaints to the prosecution, to the National Assembly, press conferences and more. We collected the largest until then petition in Sofia - 50 000 signatures, submitted by a people’s procession to the National Assembly.


  1. 4.The Green Party is the only Bulgarian party that submitted a petition to the European Parliament against predatory swaps of public land and private forests at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast (Petition № 1675/2008). It's about more than 70,000 acres of land and forests and about the loss by the state of not less than six (6) billion Levs (the difference between market prices of real estate and the swapped ones). The petition was considered by the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament on April 30th 2009. The Committee decided that its Chairman should send a letter to Stavros Dimas, EC member, responsible for environmental issues in which their deep concern was expressed about the situation described by the petitioners and immediate intervention was requested.

      In July 2010, the Green Party submitted a "Bill for Returning of Stolen through Swapping Forests and Lands." The proposal is supported by over 2,200 citizens. Under current legislation, the proposal was to be discussed by the National Assembly in plenary within three months from the date of submission. In violation of its own laws and rules, the governing majority have not so far sent this bill to the plenary.




Appendix 3


Letters of the Green Party, informing EGP on the unacceptable conduct of PP "Zelenite"



The statement of the Green Party on the observership application of the Political Party The Greens for the European Green Party

Dear colleagues,

The proposal of the Committee of the EGP to support the observership application of the Political Party The Greens is not surprising for us. However, we feel compelled to put up officially a question which we have already forwarded to the Committee in one way or another, yet we have received no answer. The question is: what does the Committee aim at by deliberately tolerating this organization? To be more precise, let us call your attention back to some facts:

1. Part of the leadership and activists of PP The Greens, who determine the political line, have been persistently and discreditly working against the Green Party even before their party was founded. This activity dates back as early as the beginning of 2007. During the European Parliament election campaign, in which the Green Party ran independently, PP The Greens openly and publicly attacked us spreading lies. They did everything possible so that a big number of representatives of NGOs who had expressed their willingness to be nominated in our party list to give up on their intentions. Moreover, they managed to persuade the Committee of the EGP to refuse their support for Green Party in the 2007 European Parliament election campaign. That was done without a fact-finding mission anb only on grounds of slanders without inquiring our opinion . To us that was so absurd that we made the conclusion there must be some misunderstanding, and did not raise the issue before the Council – which now we see as grave mistake!

2. We have notified the Committee on several occasions about the rude and arrogant behavior of representatives of the leadership of PP The Greens, which has intensified since its foundation. As a matter of fact, the Green Party sent our congratulations to the founders, as well made continious proposals to work in cooperation. However, we have always bumped into a “stone-wall” concerning this issue. Instead, the press, particularly, the Internet editions, abounds in straightforward lies and indecent attacks against us. As well, this has been done by official representatives of the party and by people inspired by them. This kind of behavior was demonstrated in front of representatives of the EGP Committee at the meeting in Sofia on February 7th, 2009. However, no reaction followed.

3. It could be that the Committee hoped that such arrogance would somehow be compensated by some fantastic results at the European Parliament elections and the national elections which took place in June and in July this year. It turned out that the election results of PP The Greens were exactly the same as those of the Green Party at the European Parliament elections back in 2007 – 0.51 percent! This was exactly the result of PP The Greens in the national parliament elections in 2009. In 2007 the Green Party met all kind of obstacles, actively offered by these same people from The Greens, as well as this we had been refused the support of the EGP. And vice versa – PP The Greens enjoyed the support of the EGP, as well as the Greep Party has not even once attacked the PP The Greens. What was more, the election campaigns were conducted at the background of unprecedented in Bulgaria growing interest in the environmental problems!

There are several reasons for the behavior of PP The Greens. A part of their leadership take rather right-wing positions and do not accept the center-left orientation of the Green Party. Unfortunately, these positions are combined with a pitiful Balkan political tradition: attack the fellow-men, so that you can thrust them out of their place. Moreover, the means for these attacks are not too nice. To our greatest surprise and disappointment, the EGP Committee in recent years have been encouraging and supporting this unacceptable political behavior of this part of the leadreshop and activists of PP The Greens. This could lead to nothing good – it could only increase the confrontation in the Green political space in Bulgaria.

The Green Party is considering there is potential in PP Zelenite and remains open for cooperation. Unfortunately, on this stage with this political agenda of its leadership it can not be achieved.

Taking into account

all mentioned above, the Green Party considers the proposal of the Committee of the EGP to support the observership application of PP The Greens untimely, and that it should at least be postponed for after a profound inquiry.

Summer 2011

To: European Green Party

Re: The political situation in Bulgaria and the preparation of the Bulgarian Green Party in view of the forthcoming local and presidential elections (Autumn’2011)


..... As for the Political Party “The Greens”, who are observers in EGP, we are not able to determine their potential on local level, as so far they have not appeared on local elections, and we do not have information of their presence on this level. They appeared on the National Parliamentary elections of July 5th 2009, where they gained 0.51 % of the votes. Exactly the same result of 0.51 % was achieved by us (the Green Party) at the EU parliamentary elections (2007), though in a far more difficult situation and much less financial resources.

All our attempts to collaborate with PP “The Greens” following the recommendations of the EGP Committee have come to nothing and have not received any official response on their part. Such was the result from our proposal for united action at the partial elections in Sofia and for standing up with shared initiatives on ecological problems. Moreover, it is our impression that in some cases the leadership of PP “The Greens” are inclined to back certain views only to work in contrast the GP position. Such was the case with our initiative to fight the ravaging land and forests swaps and to pronounce them invalid. This is an issue concerning the tremendous robbery of state owned property worth of billions Euro. PP “The Greens” would not offer their solidarity to us, though they possess huge political potential and an eventual support by them, along with the support of other organizations and people, could have possibly brought to the realization of our target.

Of course, PP “The Greens” are in their right to chose their style and behaviour, although it is mainly demonstrating their short-sightedness and political verdancy. There is however something about them we cannot categorically agree with: it is their absolutely arrogant and lacking of elementary manners behaviour, expressed in open attacks, lies and offences against the Green Party and its leadership.

We now appeal for your openly expressed attitude on this issue, as since 2009 PP “The Greens” have become EGP observers and the saddest truth is that EGP and their former leadership should also bear the responsibility for such behaviour manifested by PP “The Greens” leadership. In support of this we would like to remind you of some facts:

In 2007, during the EU Parliamentary elections, the EGP Committee refused to render support to the Bulgarian Green Party, assuming that there were “unclear relations” between us and significant NGO. As we learned later, this Committee’s attitude had been shaped as a result of the “disciple’s activity” of Mr. Petko Kovachev (who consequently became co-chairman of PP “The Greens”) and of Mr. Vassil Kudrinov (for some time a member of their leadership). The fact is that during the 2007 election campaign they did everything to set the ecological organizations in the country against us, applying to the GP such qualifications as “pigwash party” and other offensive vocabulary (Letter from March 2007). Later we realized that the main reason of such attacks was the intention of the above mentioned gentlemen to take active part in the forthcoming establishment of PP “The Greens” and this could be their strategy of isolating the GP and attracting the NGO activists to the newly established political formation.

The truth was that we were extremely shocked with decision of the EGP Committee to refuse support to an EGP member party just on the basis of accusations by two gentlemen, without discussing the issue with us, “in the last minute” and without listening to our opinion! We never raised this question after the 2007 elections, as we felt uncomfortable to go into the details of the uncivilized behaviour of Kovachev-Kudrinov (here we sometimes call this “Balkan style” behaviour!). But most of all we relied on the political sense and culture of the former EGP leadership. Obviously, we were wrong! The PP “The Greens” leaders must have decided that such a manner of “policy” making and self-imposing is accepted and even approved by EGP. The largest share of the PP “The Greens” campaign, especially in the beginning, was based on attacks against the Green Party. These attacks were based on pure lies (for example, they accused the chairman of the Green Party-Bulgarian Greens of being a State Security agent) and went far beyond the limits of good manners. Nevertheless, we kept looking for a dialogue and were even ready to offer them our support.....

June 2012

Information on the Green Political Sector


At present, in Bulgaria there are four organizations that are both claiming to be working in the green political sphere and having legal court registration in compliance with the Parties' Law:

- The Green Party (EGP member), with Goritza Krustanova and Ivan Ivanov as Speakers and Alexander Karakachanov as Secretary;

- Party of the Greens, chaired by Valentin Simov.

- Political Party "The Greens" (observers in EGP), with Co-chairmen Borislav Sandov, Georg Tuparev and Stoyan Yotov. These names are according to the site of PP “The Greens”. However according to court registration and the filed in ECA (Court of Auditors) documents ( the persons are: Andrey Kovachev, Petko Kovachev and Denitsa Petrova. These three have not changed since the establishment of the party.

- Political Club ECOGLASNOST, chaired by Emil Georgiev.

The results of recent elections for local authorities - in October 2011, solely from independent participation, without considering coalitions in which the respective party may have participated, are the following:

1. The Green Party (EGP member) - 12 Councilors, 3 Mayors

2. Party of the Greens, chaired by Valentin Simov – 8 Councilors, 0 Mayor

3. Political Party "The Greens" (observers in EGP) – 4 Councilors, 0 Mayor

4. Political Club ECOGLASNOST – 0 Councilor, 0 Mayor

In our desire to reduce the tearing of the green political space in Bulgaria, the Green Party intends to launch a series of joint activities with the above-listed organizations. PP "The Greens" have not respond to this initiative, something which is not surprising in view of their overall behavior. In principle, all our attempts to collaborate with PP "The Greens" following the recommendations of the EGP Committee have come to nothing and have not received any official response on their part. Such was the result from our proposal for united action at the partial elections in Sofia and for standing up with shared initiatives on ecological problems. Moreover, it is our impression that in some cases the leadership of PP "The Greens" are inclined to back certain views only to work in contrast the GP position. Such was the case with our initiative to fight land and forests swaps and to pronounce them invalid. This is an issue concerning the tremendous robbery of state owned property worth of billions Euro. PP "The Greens" would not offer their solidarity to us, though they possess considerable political potential and an eventual support by them, along with the support of other organizations and people, could have possibly brought to the faster achievement of our target.

Unfortunately this style of behavior was more enhanced during the election campaign for local elections in October 2011 At times we had the impression that PP “The Greens” were throwing more effort to speak against the Green Party than to support their own candidates. This absurd behavior is largely due to the fact that they rely (rightly or wrongly) on support for this behavior by certain "factors" in the EGP.

Ultimately, it did nothing to contribute to the Election’2011 results, and, in Sofia it deprived us of the opportunity to have common presence in the Municipal Council. The only result of this lamentable behavior of the PP "The Greens" is that they are reinforcing their own image of extremists incapable of embracing new and progressive green ideas. Thus they tend to be followers in the path of notorious regressive Balkan political traditions that have historically brought so many sufferings to the peninsula.

Appendix 4

first issue of the Balkan Network newsletter

Double victory of Zelenite

on the road of renewable-based energy independence

Borislav Sandov

Within three months Bulgaria introduced a ban of shale

gas extraction by hydraulic fracturing followed by the collapse of the project of building a

new nuclear power plant in Belene. Both decisions of the Bulgarian government

were forced by long and persistent street protests and hard media work against

the will of the overwhelming fossil and nuclear lobbies. The Zelenite party was

instrumental in organizing many of the protests together with several environmental

NGOs and civil society groups. They provided the clear political platform

that led to these bans by demonstrating to the public, that a national energy independence

is achievable (economically, as well as technically), based on renewable

alternatives and energy consumption efficiency.

These two victories did send a strong message to the region and to Europe. One

year ago Zelenite initiated a Balkan-wide anti-nuclear initiative of green parties and

NGOs. The collapse of the Belene nuclear plant is a major step towards nuclear-free

Balkans. The anti-fracking campaign that started almost a year ago had a major

ripple effect not only in the region, but also was carried on as an example of a

successful campaign by sister parties and organizations as far as Romania, Poland,

Scotland, and Ireland.

Despite all these major successes, the old fossil and nuclear lobbies in Bulgaria

are again starting a powerful campaign to reverse the late decisions of the Bulgarian

government. Only a common political platform shared by all EGP member

parties will help to preserve the victories in Bulgaria and elsewhere. Zelenite are

calling all EGP sister parties to build a common energy platform and fight for

Europe-wide nuclear and fracking bans. The party is willing to share their experiences

and help their European partners in building such common platform.

Zelenite is the only party not represented in the Bulgarian parliament,

that historically was able to stop new legislations or correct existing laws and

limit the damage caused by successive kleptocratic governments. Previously,

under the pressure by Zelenite, Bulgaria banned all GMO products, a major incinerator

project with potential catastrophic outcome for the environment, and protected many environmentally

sensitive regions. Zelenite are constantly fighting for more democracy, transparent

government, modern social policies, new green jobs and strong green society.

Appendix 5

Just one word - Zelenite,

We are the ones to bring about the changes!

If you see two words (i. e. - Green Party)

Then you are dealing with the counterfeit party!